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AI Tools

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Know before you apply if the job is right for you. Fast.

Uncover Your Matching Jobs

Say it right. Now sell your unique value. Instantly Done.

Create Your Elevator Pitch

Personalized advice for specific careers.

Get Advice Right Now

Write a custom endorsement for LinkedIn peers. Instantly Done.

Grow Your Social Capital

Target a Job. Get the exact words to pass the ATS. Fast!

Complete the Perfect Resume

Use your resume to see skills you weren’t aware of!

Discover Hidden Skills & More

Resumes can fit in any textbox plus use fewer tokens!

Save on Token Costs; Compress

Use your resume to see into the future of your career.

Build Your Guidebook Now

Use your resume to build a cover letter that’s hirable.

Cover Letter Generator

AI Chat

To chat you need an account and load the account with Chat Credit.

Use our AI Agent to Help you Negotiate a Better Salary.

Practice with Agent Charlie

Use our AI Agent. Buy Chat Credit or click to start free.

Chat Now with Agent Charlie

Job Opportunity Executive (Joe) the career ai assistant.

Agent Joe uses Chat Credits

Free Tools

Unlimited Free Use, Really.

Use a free tool to find the 50-30-20 salary to ask for next.

Discover your Required Salary

Search our database for direct apply pages.

Apply directly to the company

Search a vector database for the answer to: is my job gone?

Find out if AI replaces jobs

Share who makes jobs worse, or better. You can tell us.

When interviews go bad, share

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