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Chat with a career-focused ai-advisor.

Please make an account to have longer conversations. Limit Reset Daily. You can buy more chat credit for today. Charlie is a Beta Product and in learning mode.

  • Please note: input is recorded for session term memory & quality purposes. Unregistered users are limited to 100 tokens. Register to unlock 2500 per Week. Buy More Chat Credit to support the site. Resets every week.

  • Hello! I am Joe, your personal job opportunity executive assistant. Ask me about careers!

Joe is Thinking ...
Charlie the AI Chatbot for Job Hunt Mode oc title mind-ai-by-mynamepong-CCBY3

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How does ‘Chat with AI Career Aide’ work?

It uses an api to talk to the LLM and provide an answer. “Charlie” is trained to discuss career focus topics. It is not able to search the internet. It moderates the conversation.

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