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AI Skill Gaps

You should evaluate risks of skill gaps every so often.

Search Job Titles in our vector database to find top 5 relevant titles.

  • Search by a single job title, or a couple of skills.
  • Find out if your job’s long term future requires AI.
  • Articles written by AI, for users to initially rethink options

Find out if you should be looking for a new skill set or a pay raise.

  • Our articles are a good starting point for skill gap risks analysis.
  • You may find inaccurate information on a job title – do tell us.
  • Life is full of possibility, don’t rely exclusively on this alone

What to do with results once you have them:

  • Search for new jobs,
  • Discover a future-proof career,
  • Or engage in meaningful dialog with our AI

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Anything else you need to know:

Thing to know: when using our database you will only find the top 5 results. No need to click enter again or refresh the page.

Our database has been designed to provide you with the most relevant and accurate results in the fastest way possible. With our advanced search algorithm, you can rest assured that the top 5 results presented to you will be the most relevant to your search query. This means that you don’t have to waste any more time clicking enter or refreshing the page to find the job title you need. Our database is constantly updating and evolving to make sure that you get the best results every time you use it. Lastly, and for this reason, you may see products and tools show up in the skills gap risks lists.

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