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Report a Bad Employer

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Tell us about an Employer; Get an Ethical Report

Filling out this form has no immediate generated content. You may report positive and negative experiences with a company. Please, do not mention people’s names from the company. You may list someone only as their title to respect their privacy. Your incident is not posted publicly.

This Report has two parts: subscribe to results, and submitting the report. Learn More.

Now continue to the report:

About this report system:

This form was created to give candidates a way to begin reporting on their experiences with company’s they interviewed or applied to –

  • Tell us if they auto-reply to applications, or if they never confirm an application of interest (talent network).
  • Inform use when they invite you to interview but make you wait, omit directions or instructions, or something else.
  • We want to know if they asked you about your age, car/transportation, maternity, marital status, gender, or sexual identity – or –
    • Did you feel you were discriminated,
    • Felt or perceived threats, even micro aggression?
    • Understood that you were not welcome?
  • Were you a citizen of another country applying to work in a different countries multinational corporation?
    • For example, a citizen of France interviewing with Coca-Cola (in France) vs a US citizen trying to get a job at France’s Coca-Cola site.
  • How many people did you interview with (in stages, or as a panel)?
  • How were you told you did not get the job? How much time had past?

Why fill this out?

Our plan is to compile a report on each company, once we have enough data. And, with the data, test or verify the difficulty of the situation employee’s or candidates are faced with. Or, if needed, file a report with the appropriate authority after experiencing it ourselves. We plan to release a score or warning for every 10 reports; this score will be standardized for global cooperation and based in principles of coexisting peacefully.

Targeted Solutions and Notifications

  • Targeted Solution?: This is a solution our team come up with to determine if the report is valid. It doesn’t mean contacting the original reporter.
  • Who’s Authority?: We use Test Candidates as a Targeted Solution. These are professionals who apply to your company with genuine credentials. For instance, we might send a registered nurse for a hospital position. No false information will be used.
  • 30-Day Notice Subscription: Companies can subscribe for a 30-day advance notice. This retainer ensures you are informed within a 30-day window of any report or Targeted Solution being carried out. Note: This will not include advance notice for Test Candidates.

How to Reply as a Company

Addressing Concerns:

  1. Visit the Contact Us Page: Navigate to our “Contact Us” page to submit your response or action plan regarding any reports made about your company.

Requirements for Resolution

  1. Lasting Change: Any changes must be enduring and documented in company policy, handbooks, or public documents accessible to candidates.
  2. Verification: We will confirm the effectiveness of your actions by sending a Test Candidate through your hiring process.

FAQs for HR Directors

  • What Triggers a 30-Day Notice?
    If your company has opted for the 30-day notice subscription, you’ll be notified within 30 days from our decision to update a report. This alert will not disclose whether a Test Candidate has been sent.
  • How Can We Improve Our Company Score?
    The most effective way to improve your score is to take meaningful, lasting actions in response to the feedback received and update us on these changes.

FAQs for Legal Aides

  • Are These Reports Legally Binding?
    No, these reports serve as social proof and can impact your company’s reputation, but they are not formal legal complaints.
  • What Are the Legal Implications of a Negative Report?
    While the reports themselves are not legally binding, repeated negative reports could potentially be used in legal cases as evidence of a pattern of behavior.

Reporting to Authorities

Transparency and Accountability: At, we believe in holding companies accountable for their hiring practices. When a report’s claims are verified through our Test Candidates, we may take the step of notifying the appropriate legal or regulatory authorities.

User Guidance: Furthermore, we don’t just stop at collecting reports. We guide our users on how to seek legal redress, helping them navigate often complex legal systems to find the appropriate authority for their specific issue.

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