Salary Negotiation Practice

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  • Your chats will be recorded for training. Thank you. Please avoid providing personally identifiable information.

  • Hello, I can help you practice salary negotiations! Before we jump in, please sign in, and consider buying Chat Credits for a small fee – to avoid interruption. If you are ready, tell me about the offer and optional upload a pdf of your resume/offer-letter/similar document. .

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Salary Negotiation Practice help make better salary negotiation efforts.

Provide this type of information:

  1. Job Title: Specify the desired job title or the role you are looking to fill. This will help me tailor the content accordingly.
  2. Location: Please mention the location or the geographic area for the job. Knowing the location can assist in creating content that aligns with the specific cultural context.
  3. Expected Salary or Salary Range: Kindly provide the expected salary or a salary range for the job position. This information will enable me to include relevant details about compensation in the content.

Using this tool will consume a significant amount of chat credit.

Remember to download your notes once you’re finished.

Upload your resume, offer letter, or any report showcasing your skills.

Example: Help a NYC Based Physical Therapist Negotiate a salary of $200,000; the hiring manager offered $180K.

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