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Cover Letter Generator

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Cover Letter Generator – Free Trial

Generates personalized cover letter outlines for job applications, job interest, or cold emails based on the provided information. Free Trial works one time, then upgrade for more AI generations.

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Instructions for Cover Letter Generator

With the Cover Letter Generator, writing the first draft of a cover letter is gone, now you generate one! No longer frustrating, and say goodbye to writer’s block, confusing processes, and more. How to start? Fill out the form and click generate. No Payment Needed: Free AI Cover Letter Maker

First, get an account! You can sign up while buying tokens. Without full tokens the tool could run out of free outputs.

How this tool works.

A cover letter is still required by many companies. Here we show a paper cover letter.

How to use AI to Make a Disruptive, Attractive Cover Letter.

A robot is writing a cover letter.

Steps are as easy as 1, 2, 3 – with AI. No Subscription Needed: MyPerfectCoverLetter charges for just one cover letter. Our service is free. Or grab priority mode and more tokens are included every week. You shouldn’t have to pay to make a cover letter. Job Hunt Mode’s AI Cover Letter creates your resume for free.

Step 1: Fill in your details | Step 2: Click Generate | Step 3: refine and send your new cover letter.

Make a cover letter today. Generate it with AI. Free.

Try to be ok with the job hunting journey. It can be easy to become discouraged. Job hunting is intense, and an ask for a cover letter can feel like a roadblock. Outdated? Maybe. Or, look at it as a chance to tell someone how excel in your field. Making a interview out of a cover letter is hard – our tool makes it easy.

We made the tool with you in mind. What does every letter need? We settled the debate. We gave the controls over to AI and it outputs amazing letters for you to mold into the perfect job application artifact.

Start by entering basic details you know. Once you have the content, you can edit it, and even add a template cover letter to your process with TONS of time to spear.

Get the Priority Mode Version

  • No Ads on the tool pages.
  • 10,000 weekly tokens
    • that’s about ~20 cover letters
  • Advanced AI Engine
  • Edit the output on the page!

What this Tool Does for You

  1. Its perfect for any career path, job, or opportunity.
    • You have the chance to decide how you want this cover letter to sound. Like a cold email, job interes, or traditional letter.
  2. You can tell your story in your own words. Just tell the tool about yourself!
    • Personalisation for letters is paramount. We ask specific details that get you amazing results.
  3. We even have a Resume Builder. So after making your letter, you can work on that for free too.
    • This can help you become consistently good at making targeted resumes and cover letters for any job. Some services can help you generate templates for the letter too.
  4. Pre-written, drafted perfectly for your career.
    • No more writers block. This gets you started right away. Recall that priority mode? You get an editor included on the page output before download.
  5. Downloading is simple!
    • After letting AI generate your cover letter you can output the contents to your computer or phone for easy copy and pasting. Or update it further with a design.
  6. Bring your Resume! It works well here.
    • If you have a resume you want to use our tool lets you use your resume to create a letter the right way. All you need is the work history or skills portion. also think about deciding to tell a story instead.

Read what people say about our cover letter creator:

January 6, 2024

Ok, but really i sit and wait for it to appear and like magic i have something to work with – i used to take hours (if not days) to write a first draft. This gets a first draft done and ready for me to personalize with detailed examples.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Cover Letter Generator

What is a cover letter builder and should I use one?

A cover letter builder is an online tool that assists in creating a letter by offering interactive forms. It generates letters that include the necessary information that employers seek.

You might want to use one to just get started! Its hard and discouraging to think of some fanfiction for your career. Our tool unblocks that and you get a perfect personal cover letter for your job application. Save time and also don’t pay unless you are making a lot!

How to write a cover letter in 2023?

A strong letter in 2023 succinctly presents your skills, enthusiasm, and suitability for a role. Hereโ€™s a quick guide to the essentials:

  • Header: Include your name, title, contact information, date, and recipient details.
  • Greeting: Choose an appropriate salutation. Ensure it’s addressed properly.
  • Introduction: Craft a compelling opening that grabs attention.
  • Body:
    • Paragraph 2: Showcase why youโ€™re the right candidate by highlighting key achievements.
    • Paragraph 3: Demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for the role and company.
  • Closing: End with a persuasive call to action.
  • Sign-off: Repeat your contact details, inviting the reader to connect.
  • P.S.: Consider adding a noteworthy career highlight or something that piques curiosity.

Do I need a different statement for every job application?

Yes, you should. A unique letter for each job application is required in 2023, for every job that asks for a letter. If the job application doesn’t seem to ask for one you you are probably not required to submit any. However, consider trying to connect on LinkedIn and tell them you have applied. Link your resume, a Google Doc cover letter, or value-validation-project.

Can the cover letter generator help with my resume, too?

Well, it can tell you if you are simply not a fit. And it will suggest our resume optimization services here. If you feel your resume is only fitting less than 80% of the requirements, we suggest you don’t apply (yet). Make sure you fit 80% of requirements. Or more. But (1) you want some room to grow. (2) you need room to look like a suitable candidate (that mean not overqualified. (3) Top firms care more about you fitting every required trait, than they do about soft traits – but don’t let company culture go the wayside.

How do I make my cover letter complement my resume?

If you want to chat with your career artifacts do so here, just upload your document and ask it questions.

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